SabTera School

Learning while playing

For our younger students at the age of 3-6 years, we provide the kindergarten level of instruction. At this level the core of our tutelage is observation, respectful attention and active listening. When we listen to young children, we are provided with a window into a society’s priorities, prejudices and values. Our aim is to free a child from societal and parental baggage of pre-set notions and open their mind to be appreciative and accepting of all differences.
While teaching young children we make space in our lesson plans for the awakening of empathy. We pave the way by helping them feel safe and secure in all their many identities, and in their interactions. Through play and games we bring about discussion of issues such as social injustice and allow children to speak up about what feels unfair to them. This is a small but sure step in bringing about self-awareness and enlightenment in their lives and in their world. What we learn, in and out of our homes and schools, directly impacts what we become. It is critical that we give our children complete support to develop both their best abilities and most noble traits.

Special Fridays

We believe that creativity thrives in natural surroundings. Children gravitate towards the beauty of Nature, and are refreshed with a change of surroundings. We organize ‘Special Fridays’, a day when the tiny tots spend time outside of the school structure, somewhere near a lake or gardens. We also organize special activities like puppet shows, magic shows, fancy dress, on our Special Fridays.

Healthy meals

We ensure that the children eat well-balanced and nutritious meals at our school. The lunch provided at our school is made fresh everyday using local produce and is sourced from within the local community. It is our families in our communities who ensure that the food quality is of a high standard and that appropriate hygiene-levels are maintained. We have incorporated a weekly wholesome nutrition plan that includes fruits, vegetables and whole-grains.

Interaction with the community

SabTera espouses the concept of community responsibility for every child. We are all a part of our children’s world and have a direct effect on their upbringing. Our program encourages collaborative community-based social service by engaging school consultants with families in mutually beneficial partnerships. Such supportive programs ensure a successful academic career for the children.
We hold regular interactive sessions with parents to build strong relationships and to help create a welcoming and an engaging climate both at home and at school.

The SabTera Nurturing Program creates an entire ecosystem that provides all that the child needs to discover talents, pursue passions and lead an integral life. We believe that success and progress, for everyone involved, is an inevitable result of pure intentions and genuine efforts.

School Address
  • Kansal School
    SCO Number 6, First Floor
    Tribune Society, Govind Vihar,
    Kansal, Distt. Mohali,
    Punjab – 160103
  • Ludhiana School
    # 382 Block D,
    South City,
    Punjab – 141001