SabTera Livelihood Program

The SabTera Livelihood program has been designed to empower women from underprivileged communities living in the periphery of affluent cities like Chandigarh (India), and to revive the Indian cultural heritage; which is deeply connected to the utilitarian crafts created within these communities. Through the program, SabTera hopes to rebuild a community of craftswomen who can pass these skills to their future generations; thus keeping the craft alive.

Process Innovation

SabTera is working towards enabling these women to bridge the gap between a personal utilitarian craft and a valued handicraft product. A couple of clusters have been identified around Chandigarh, India; that have similar socio-economic backgrounds and unique skillsets, that can be revived to develop contemporary products. The journey would involve identifying more such clusters and skillsets that these women can offer; and exploring different ways of collaborating with designers to give the crafts a new dimension.

The enabler

SabTera intends to be an enabler for these women in their earnest pursuit to build a better tomorrow for their children and family. Sabtera is able to do so by providing an environment that fosters collective learning and earning. By connecting these women to the markets in a sustainable manner, SabTera hopes to provide them with economic independence. This, in turn, will build their self-confidence; and help them live a dignified and equitable life, in a hitherto male-dominated society.