Education is essential to the growth and empowerment for an individual. It is our vision at SabTera to provide every child access to quality learning and opportunities for all-round development.

SabTera’s flagship initiative is the establishment of a school in Mohali, under the SabTera Nurturing Program. The SabTera Nurturing Program focuses on creating an ecosystem for children that enables them to transform their lives through holistic, innovative education. By cultivating an environment that is conducive to joyful learning and creativity, we guide our students to overcome their circumstances and strive for excellence. Recognizing that a child is so much more than a mind to be molded, our curriculum aims to augment the development of learning capabilities with a parallel growth in physical, spiritual and cultural awareness. Our students learn to be independent thinkers who are confident, optimistic, and ready to accomplish their goals in the future.

In its inaugural year, the school was run on an experimental basis as a laboratory, engaging children in the 5 to 8 years bracket. We incorporated self-developed content and cutting-edge methods designed by our experienced, renowned academicians.

The key objective of our program is to enable our children to develop their full potential, enroll and succeed in other mainstream institutions of repute, and to eventually lead integral lives and contribute to society.

In its first year, 2014-2015, the school catered to 3 to 5 year olds, adopted from Janta Colony. Our innovative curriculum addresses the needs and interest of each child, and tailors teaching accordingly. Students are provided with transport and all school supplies. Freshly prepared, balanced meals are also a part of daily plan to ensure proper nutrition. Exposure to art and culture though field trips and special classes rounds off the wholesome education we pride ourselves on delivering.

SabTera Nurturing Program


To foster a safe nurturing environment that facilitates learning and growth, and enables children from under-resourced backgrounds to break through barriers to their progress.


To create and maintain optimal environments that provide children with all the skills and opportunities to enable success in school. We are committed to providing a best-in-class curriculum and an extracurricular support structure to promote excellence in learning and overall development. Our aim is to ensure successful integration of our children into society as well-functioning, contributing individuals. We will also generate innovative solutions that empower women through education and self-employment in order to sustain their independence and progress.