It has been less than a year with our first batch of 20 very young children. It has been an amazing journey for us. The children have transformed from shy and doubtful beginners to happy, confident SabTera students with a desire to learn new things.

Our curriculum is being developed with input from our very own facilitators. These motivated professionals have seen firsthand what a proper educational atmosphere does for a child, and they bring that valuable learning to our curriculum planning. The SabTera System is well underway!

What our facilitators notice are the little things that define a child. One noted that a child’s favorite shape is a triangle, and that he does not like watermelons. Another picked up on how a boy sings every time he bounces a ball, and how he can be persuaded to do the day’s activity once he is allowed to finish with whatever is distracting him.

We understand that these children come with their own specific aptitudes, and it is those very traits that make them who they are. Our goal is to help them learn and develop at their pace, utilizing their interests and strengths.

Our children are encouraged to use simulations and role-plays. These enactments help them get a wider perspective of feelings and situations. They learn resilience, harmony, empathy and care. They also learn to think and innovate.

Case in point: Children were playing around an old mango tree and were unable to climb the base branch on their own. Without direction or adult intervention, they found bricks nearby, carried them and made steps that helped them reach the first branch to climb the tree!
They learnt how to work together, how to find a solution and how to reach their goal with what is within their access.

Facilitator Findings

Mohini – 4.9 years

Youngest in her group. Moved here from a village in Bihar. She had never been to school, and spoke and understood only her local Bihari dialect. This caused major adjustment problems – she threw tantrums and refused to join activities.
Within a few weeks, with patient work and understanding, she has begun to enjoy most of the activities and takes keen interest in learning.

Classroom work

She might have been behind the rest as far as written work is concerned but she has the patience to sit and write a full page of numbers and the Hindi alphabets. She had no colour recognition initially but now can tell the primary colours and can count to 12. She has picked up lots of rhymes.


She is excellent in running and any athletic activities like high jumps and hurdles. Good in climbing trees.

Facilitator inputs

She needs guided help while revising concepts. She is a keen and quick learner. She should have no problem in catching up with the rest in a few months. She loves her meals. She invariably asks for more, which the lunch lady is aware of, and keeps extra fruit and milk for her.