SabTera, which literally translates to 'All Yours'

At SabTera, we believe that we are one world, one people brought together to be kind to each other.

Our Story

SabTera, which literally translates to ‘All Yours’, encapsulates the concept of selfless giving and social responsibility. We believe that all individuals can break the shackles of social inequities and can progress when given adequate opportunities. We create programs that provide the necessary support and tools to people to facilitate their upliftment. With the aim to enable, encourage and empower, our programs focus on education, health and wellness, and self-employment initiatives.

At SabTera we believe that we are all one community. That the disparity in living conditions among people is an affront to all humanity. That access to education, nutrition, healthcare and employment is a right of every individual. That we share one world and are bound together by a shared future.

Our work involves securing and improving that common future for all sections of our community. We are committed to our vision of an equitable society with equal opportunity for everyone. Social justice involves not just treating everyone equally but treating everyone fairly: and that means reaching out with adequate, meaningful support to those who need it most.

SabTera Foundation India was established with the aim of providing support and empowering communities in need through education and employment. By delivering access to resources such as healthcare and education to those who lack it, we aim to create a self-sustaining progressive society for all.

SabTera was incorporated in the United States as a non-profit organization in October of 2014, with a mission to provide support to women, children, and youth in the areas of social development and education. SabTera Founder and President, US entrepreneur Sunny Singh, is fully committed to his philanthropic vision of bringing about a positive, lasting change in the lives of under-resourced communities around the world.

In December 2014, SabTera Foundation, the Indian subsidiary of the US entity, was set-up in Mohali, Punjab. The Foundation launched its pilot project with the establishment of the SabTera Nurturing Program, an educational program for children from schooling-deficit communities.

The Nurturing Program is only a first step in the SabTera vision, and we are passionate about making a positive, material impact in our society, and enriching the world with persistent purpose and creative effort.

Our Vision

To transform, revolutionize, and empower the under-resourced in our communities by making a positive material impact that will engender and sustain growth.

Our Mission

To bring about complete and consistent betterment in the lives of the disadvantaged in our community through innovative, sustainable endeavors. We are committed to providing the necessary support and tools to ensure both individual and community societal progress and success. Our programs will be focused on, though not limited to, education, health and wellness, and self-employment initiatives.