Cultural Manifesto

“We are in this world ONLY to learn to be kind to one another.”

– Sarpal Singh

Our culture defines us and impacts how we do what we do. What comprises our culture?


Our passion is our guide on where we direct our goals. It gives us our focus and commitment.
We are committed to our vision of an equitable society with equal opportunity for everyone.
Social justice involves not just treating everyone equally but treating everyone fairly, and that means reaching out more to those who need more. Our convictions lead us to deliver innovative solutions through persistent and creative work.


Our purpose is our guide on what we create and accomplish. It’s our path to our long-term goals.
‘SabTera’ means ‘All Yours‘ in Punjabi, and signifies our purpose of sharing and helping. We believe that we all belong together and that the world belongs to all of us. We aim to transform and empower all sections of our communities by making a positive material impact through socially-responsible initiatives.


Our principles are our guide to being our best while doing our best. They remind us how to operate day-to-day.

Be Innovative
by bringing fresh perspectives and trying new processes to find the best and most effective way forward.
Be Compassionate
by understanding the unique needs and strengths of every individual and working together to support each other and our goals.
Be Inspiring
by being enthusiastic and creative in everything we do, and by delivering outstanding results.
Be Collaborative
by engaging every one in the team and incorporating individual talents to create a unique perspective.
Be Upright
by maintaining moral integrity and acting reliably, respectfully and transparently.
Be Excellent
by pursuing perfection and aspiring to be better everyday in everything we do.