SabTera, which literally translates to "All Yours"

At SabTera, we believe that we are one world, one people brought together to be kind to one another.


SabTera is the brainchild of entrepreneur and philanthropist Gurpreet ‘Sunny’ Singh. Brought up in a household where spiritual values were stressed as much as intellectual and physical development, Sunny exhibits the creativity and character to make a difference in the world around him. SabTera is the materialization of his unique vision to transform and improve society.

Our organization is just as unique in our approach and in our impact. We believe that giving a people the tools they need to realize their dreams creates positive, self-sustaining change. We believe that how we work to make that change is just as important as what we accomplish in changing. Our projects are innovative and far-sighted, and address all facets of the problems communities face. We are committed to our mission to empower under-resourced communities by supporting their potential and enabling improved living.


“We will make a positive material impact in the lives of people by helping them help themselves”