The only constant is change…

By Administrator on December 1, 2015

Hello readers!

Last fortnight, four SabTera facilitators attended a teachers training programme in New Delhi and visited Mirambika School and Mothers International School.

Vijay-di, an evolved being who practices integral living, guided them during their stay there. The training session raised awareness of the latest in integral education concepts. After the enlightening and refreshing trip, our facilitators are now back – full of energy and renewed focus.

We have made some changes in the school. Facilitators have been assigned responsibilities for teaching aids and material in the school. This will inculcate in them a sense of responsibility and also help us manage our physical space better.

Since the school and the facilitators have become more organised and have settled in, we have extended our school timings, which will enable older children to benefit from extra time and classes with their facilitators.

These changes have already brought about positive changes. It has given facilitators time in the morning to meditate or practice self-awareness exercises and helps them remain focused, calm and clear for the day.

On a personal note, I missed school for a few days because my daughter was not well and I had to nurture her being too.

Till next timeā€¦


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