Satisfied or grounded souls…

By Administrator on January 11, 2016

Well, here’s a beautiful example of what we call a satisfied or a grounded soul.

We have these two children in our school who were labelled as “specially- abled” when they started with us. We worked very conscientiously with them and today they are in sync with the other kids in school.

The other day, a child dropped three cookies on the table; and I was observing to see which of the other children might get tempted by these cookies.

In a few moments, I noticed that one of the kids, when he thought no one was watching him, quickly picked up one of these cookies and started eating it.

After that, each of those “special” kids came one after the other, picked up the other two cookies and handed them over to the child who had dropped them.

It dawned on me how sometimes, when a person is labeled based on his/her outward personality, we end up completely ignoring the grounded conscience within.

Another observation: Due to the change in the weather, we have limited the outdoor playing time for the older children, and we are focused on introducing them to a new language. As a result, they tend to finish their lunch in a hurry so that they can play. I realized that the need to play was important to them. Sometimes the children themselves show us what they need – we just need to be sensitive and alert in order to figure out what they want.


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