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By Administrator on November 24, 2015

I am so excited to write our first blog for SabTera Schools!

The SabTera School is a space where children come to learn much more than mere academics – they learn to nurture their soul and open up their conscious minds. They are empowered to be free beings by understanding their own motivation for learning.

As a Counsellor, I like being here because it gives me the opportunity to expand, review, and analyze my own experience. I work with the school facilitators to ensure that they are able to develop and implement the unique SabTera methodology. For all those associated with the school, there is always something new to imbibe and to contribute – be it the facilitator, the children, the help, or those who are merely volunteering some time in our school.

We have around 30 children and 7 facilitators, and there are a few visiting facilitators too. We are here to impart an integral, holistic form of education. When I see the children at our schools, it fills me with wonder to see how their minds choose so enthusiastically to learn freely and so deeply. It is a privilege that most children do not have the opportunity to receive.

We will be bringing you updates and stories regularly on the amazing work being done at our schools.

Stay tuned!

Sumeet Grewal


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