SabTera Livelihood Products Exhibition 2016: A Personal Reflection

By Administrator on July 6, 2016

This is my personal reflection of the SabTera Livelihood Products Exhibition held on June 29, 2016.

It was my first visit to an exhibition of handicrafts in Punjab, India. The main attraction was the intricately designed products, hand-made by artisans of the SabTera Livelihood Program, most of whom were women.

Products included Panja Dhurries, Azarbands, and furniture, which were colourfully-crafted and integrated contemporary and traditional designs. The artistic creations of Punjab, acclaimed all over the world, was apparent.

The artisans come from disadvantaged communities of Khuda Ali Sher village in Punjab.

The exhibition provided a much-needed platform to showcase products from under-resourced communities which are generally challenged by limited access to markets and lack of awareness among the general public. It will also contribute to preserving traditional arts and crafts of Punjab.

I bought a colourful Dhurrie at the exhibition, which now beautifully hangs on my studio wall.


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