Role Reversals

By Administrator on March 14, 2016

We believe that a school is a place where adults ‘teach’ children. Over the last eight months that I have spent at SabTera, I have been questioning that belief almost every day. I have been learning so much myself from these little kids.


Resolve it and move on


Children get into little scuffles all the time. But, compared to us adults, there is a big difference in how they handle it. They get into altercations, resolve it there and then, and move on. The next minute, they are back to being the best of friends. Arm-in-arm, as if the spat never happened.


We adults, on the other hand, hold on to our grudges and usually bring them up again the next time we have a difference of opinion. Can we not learn to resolve issues? And not hold onto resentments? Our relationships would become much more meaningful.


Be mindful


We are told that one of the best ways of experiencing life is by being conscious and aware, and to be in the present. Yet, we are always thinking of something else, in our minds we’re somewhere else, we’re thinking of that meeting, of that bill to be paid when we get home, of that email to be responded to.


Yet, children, they seem to be mindful. If they’re having fun on the swing, or mucking about in the mud, or if they’re having a scuffle, they concentrate on just that. Granted that adults have much more pressing issues to think about (or so we believe), but surely we can learn from the bacchas and be in the present. After all, to use a well-worn cliché, the present is a gift!


“All grown-ups were once children…but few of them remember it” – Antoine De Saint-Expury (The Little Prince)


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