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Reflections on Children & Education

By Administrator on July 18, 2016

A child’s world is difficult for the adult to access or grasp. We think we do, but in truth, it is always our adult filters through which we see the child. To “see” the child, we have to catch that sparkle in the eye, the wonder in the heart, the newness of the moment, and the blossoming of innocence.

The child’s inner world is like a crystal ball enclosing a silent and pure awareness which is so delicate and fragile that it can disintegrate at the slightest urge to control or change it.

A child reflects his environment, his parents’ and society’s attitudes. The child also reflects in his behaviour everything we adults consider “inappropriate” or “incorrect”. As adults, we need to be very careful and conscious of how we judge the child. Every remark we make to the child, whether to appreciate or ‘correct’ the child is like a scratch on the crystal.

A child is like an empty vessel — he will internalize whatever environment we create around him. We, as adults, need to see the child as he is, not as we want him to be. Often, our understanding of the child is filtered by our judgements and preconceived notions of what children should or should not be.

At SabTera, a continuous and conscious effort is being made to create a genuinely non-judgemental and facilitative environment where every child can blossom into fullness and balance. The process towards this is more reflective than comparative. The facilitators are learning to pay attention to the child’s moment to moment or day to day reality and not to look at a child through conditioned positive or negative filters. It is this that makes the learning environment open and facilitative, helping children grow into their natural expression and sensitivity.


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  1. Augustina says:

    Mighty useful. Make no mistake, I apiecrpate it.

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