Learning Never Ceases

By Administrator on July 13, 2016

The process of learning continues no matter where one is in one’s journey. At SabTera, we believe we have made steady progress in our journey, yet a lot still needs to be done. For this, we are continually looking for other exemplars from whom we can learn and apply.

I had visited Auroville almost 15 years ago and it made an impression on me as a calm and serene place. However, ever since I have been associated with SabTera, I have been hearing about the Auroville community where Integral Living is practised in all spheres of life and work – be it Education, Livelihoods, Community Outreach, or pure personal living. The Aurovilians (as they are known) strive for a society that is balanced, just, and harmonious.

These values are similar to what we’re working towards at SabTera so, some members of the SabTera team decided to spend some time at Auroville for ideas and inspiration. We spent close to a week at Auroville, and met many people from the fields of Education, Livelihoods, and Waste Management.

The first thing that struck me was the level of open-ness. Everyone was very forthcoming in showing us the work they were doing and sharing their experiences and challenges. For me, this meant that it did not matter to them whether the idea was built upon within their sphere of influence or outside it. They just wanted the idea to grow.

Also, it was heartening to see that whomsoever we met, wanted to hear of, and learn from, our experiences. That is in line with the Aurovilian concept of unending education and constant progress.

Another element of life in Auroville that made an impression on me was the dignity of labour. When we went to meet the person managing their waste sorting initiative, he was in his shorts and was with him team sorting the rubbish and garbage. This dignity of labour, and taking pride in what we do, is something that is sadly overlooked in our society.

On a personal level – I did a lot of cycling and running at Auroville. I even went for a rather vigorous Capoeira workshop. At the workshop, through all the complex motions of kicking and sweeping, I learnt that the pain one voluntarily inflicts on one’s aging body can last for days on end.

Like I said, the process of learning is unending!!!


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