Know our Facilitator – Mamta

By Administrator on December 12, 2016

“What you seek is seeking you.” – Rumi

This phrase is apt for our facilitator Mamta, who has been on a journey to seek answers about life, as well as an alternate system of education.

Mamta is the youngest of four siblings, and stays in Chandigarh, India. Right after school, she felt that all her learning was more theoretical, which made her feel unprepared for Life. Thus, rather than taking up the routine path of doing an under-graduation course, she joined CEVA – Centre for Education and Voluntary Action. CEVA is an institute that works with government schools in areas of course planning, implementation, innovation and teacher training.

Mamta started introducing teaching and learning methodologies in government schools. Her methods included toy-making to teach mathematical concepts, and using theatre to enhance children’s creativity as well as public speaking skills. The stint at CEVA helped her experiment with alternate modes of teaching and learning.

While working at CEVA, she heard about the Sholai School in Kodaikanal that follows an alternative approach to education and inspired by J. Krishnamurti. She decided to join the self-learning program there that enables young graduates to pursue their areas of interest. She learnt organic farming, woodwork and living independently. Mamta started teaching students at Sholai and loved the experience of teaching them in the midst of nature – next to the river and in the woods.

After spending almost two years at Sholai, she decided to return to urban life to test her learnings in the competitive ethos of today’s fast-paced world. She re-joined CEVA and spent a lot of time traveling across India and meeting a number of non-profit organizations in the Education sector. There, she learnt a number of hands-on skills like Kabaad Se Jugaad (Best out of Waste), Jodo Gyaan (Maths teaching aid) etc.

After spending some time with CEVA, she decided to join a mainstream school to implement her learnings and to generate a love of learning amongst her students. While there felt a need to provide similar high-quality alternative education to children from under-resourced backgrounds. This desire led her to Chotti Si Asha, followed by SabTera.

At Chotti Si Asha, Mamta started teaching older children and realized that their fundamentals were not strong. Thus, she shifted her focus to younger children and started “Mil Jhul Ke” program that involved their mothers in the process of learning. Mamta taught through free play, group exercises and focused on hands-on learning.

Since 2015, she has been with SabTera’s Nurture program, and is a facilitator for students aged 8 and above. Under the guidance of our experienced team of educators, she learnt that apart from academics, equal attention needs to be paid to the emotional, physical and intellectual development of the children. She loves working with her students and is enjoying watching them blossom into happy, confident individuals.

Mamta is walking the talk as she follows similar principles with her own child who is in play-way. She does not force him to learn but rather allows him to learn at his pace and comfort. She wants to put her son to a school where they focus on his all-round development.

And, she sums it up by saying that her journey to seek a more wholesome medium of education will continue at SabTera and through her own child.

This blog is the first in a series of stories about SabTera facilitators who are helping us achieve our vision to explore joyful learning.


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