Best place to learn – outside the class-room

By Administrator on June 15, 2016

Everyone is learning and everyone is teaching at the same time because there are many ways, modes, levels and needs of learning. I might be a thirty year old teaching a group of eight year olds; but I am, in turn, learning from them how to be completely open to the moment and not carry the burden of past experience. I can learn from an older teacher how to use the wisdom of experience to see wider realities of people.

This stems from the integral understanding—that all life teaches, and if one is an essential learner, then one can learn from anyone and anything. This dynamic and universal learning expands the scope of education far beyond the boundaries of the school or any given pedagogical structure.

Universal learning also encompasses learning from multiple sources and resources. Thus, text books, written material, lectures are not the only sources, but there are others like: oneself, one’s personal experience, one’s intuition; one’s family and friends; relatives; even strangers; the bus driver, the carpenter; the TV, the movie one saw last night; younger children; older children; even animals.

Learning is no longer something that must happen in classrooms, laboratories and libraries. One begins to perceive learning experiences and resources everywhere. This liberates learning from the so-called teacher and even the school.


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